There are TWO ways to earn!!!
  Kapag ikaw ay registered Dakki Consultant (DC), you are entitled to a special product discount when you purchase.
  Mas malaki ang kikitain ninyo kung bukod sa pagbebenta, kayo ay mag-rerecruit (initial 2 Direct Recruits). Rebates computed either based on Gross or Business Volume depends on the products purchased.


I want to sell Dakki products, what should I do?

Register as Dakki member to any Dakki Branch, Business Center or Dealer.

What are the requirements to register?

The requirements are:
1. To fill out Dakki membership form.
2. Submit 2 copies of 2"x2" picture
3. Submit 2 valid Government ID's
4. Pay the registration fee.

How much is the registration fee?

Dakki registration fee is P350.00
 Upon registration, you will get a free kit bag from
 Dakki that contains
 * Dakki Pillow
 * Catalogue
 * Marketing Plan Brochure
 * Membership Card
 * 1 pc. Coded Form
 * 2 pcs. Non-coded Form
 Click to download registration form.

As Dakki member, do I get discounts when I purchase Dakki products?

Yes, you will get 22% to 40% discount on every item purchased.

How do I get Dakki catalogue?

You can get it upon registration together with the kit or purchase it separately.

What else can I get as Dakki member?

Aside from the 22% to 40% sales discount, you will also get a 3% rebate in total personal rebatable sales.

Where do I buy Dakki products that I can sell?

You may purchase products from any of our branches or business centers nationwide.

Can I still continue doing my Dakki business abroad?

Yes, you can continue your dakki business while you are abroad. You can ask anyone to manage it for you here in the country.